Don't Have Time for a Perfect Cat Eye Everyday?

With Eyelash Liner Enhancement Tattoos,

We've Got You Covered.

We get it, mornings are crazy and hectic. We barely have time to get ourselves out of bed, let alone out the door in time to go about our daily routines. So why would we have time to draw in a perfect cat eye every morning? We hear ya, sister! 

Our eyeliner lash-line enhancement service provides a semi-permanent set of lash-line eyeliner, so you can wake up looking bright eyed and beautiful! 

A soft-tap manual method (and some extra strength numbing cream!) ensures that the liner is done with minimal pain and yields natural results!


Ready to Save Time While Getting Ready for Your Day?

  • Click the link below to access our online booking page

  • Choose the service "microblading"

  • Select the lash liner enhancement of your choice

Yes! I'm ready to wake up with makeup!



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